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Eublepharis Macularis

The Leopard Gecko is one of the most
dynamic reptiles to own, breed and study. They
come in a variety of colors, sizes and genetic
patterns. They were first bred in North America
in the 1970s, and since then they have
become the Japanese Koi of reptiles . Through
careful test breeding, herpetologist in the
United States have developed the modern
leopard gecko of today. Gene mutations are a
big factor in captive bred reptiles, and the  
isolation of these genes in the DNA strand
produces new strains. Homozygous and
heterozygous traits can be produced out of
these mutated strains. You start by test
breeding the first generation and note your
outcome. Then once you have your new
morph, breed them one last time to make sure
they breed true.  
Wow new morph!  
Leopard Gecko Breeders
( what we do)
Our breeders consists of premium based  
genetics from across North America. Our
commitment to excellence produces high
quality leopard geckos. We enjoy working
with these reptiles, and each and every one
is an addition to our family. As our breeding
program progresses,  we should produce
new and exciting Leopard Geckos. As for all
breeders, our goal is to improve the breed
and expand the species. If you have any
questions regarding the feeding and housing
of your leopard gecko, please feel free to
look at our care sheet. It covers basic
husbandry guidelines. We will be adding new
pages in the next few months on genetics
and what certain genes code for.      
Brief history of the Leopard Gecko
The Leopard gecko is an excellent choice for your very first reptile. Their docile nature adds to
the enjoyment of owning one of these magnificent creatures. This morph doesn’t require a lot
of attention and is a  very low maintenance reptile. They originated from India, Afghanistan and
Pakistan.  Our Chronology and definition page may shed some light on the different types of
leopard geckos there are. You can also see our leopard gecko pictures on our breeders page.
If you already own a leopard gecko, then you have made an excellent choice. One last thing,
have fun and enjoy.  

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What's New?
This is the result of the isolating the Giant gene. It was an obvious choice to use the Giant
Tangerine, a polygenetic trait. Once our Giant tangerines were no longer producing Tremper
albinos , we introduced the Bell gene. This prolific project will open many doors for hobbyist,
and the hard core herpetologist. This Giant female is 100% het for Bell, 50% chance het for
Radar and Eclipse.
Last Update
Raptor/ Eclipse
Diablo Blanco
Super Tangerine
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Tips to buying a leopard gecko

1. Never buy baby reptiles of any kind,
because they require special care and
they have to be proven eaters before
they can be sold. Sub adults and adults
are fine.

2. Never buy reptiles at a pet store ,
because their health and genetics are
questionable. Go straight to the source.

3. Always choose the leopard gecko with
a nice fat tail.  This indicates good health
and wellness. Never buy a gecko with a
skinny tail.

4. Always do a comparative market
analyst ( cma) on any reptile you wish to
buy. Stay away from the deal of the
century. Remember you get what you pay
Hours: 10am to 10pm Pst - 7 days a week
About our Leopard geckos
All of our leopard geckos are hand
raised as pets and do very well in their
new homes. We get positive feed back
from our customers about our reptiles.
The most common comment is, how
much better looking they are in person.
Here at West Coast Leopard Gecko we
feel it's quality and not quantity that is
the contributing factor.  We are so
confident of our leopard geckos, we
offer free lifetime tech support with
every purchase. Our company policy
is to provide nice reptiles and
customer service even after the sale.
It's important to us that each customer
gets what they paid for and that they
are happy with their new friend. We
stand behind our reptiles 100% and
have some of the best husbandry
practices and policities in the industry.
Gary & Julia
West Coast Leopard Gecko  
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2016 Season
We are in the middle of the
breeding season and should
be posting new babies in the
next few months. If there's
something special you're
looking for call us , so we can
check our stock. We have
geckos that are not posted
on our website.